Friday, October 31, 2008

.XhtoG 2 emocleW

Welcome 2 GothX.

This is a cathartic project-in-progress inspired by the Walt Disney cartoon magazine "X-Mickey". It is intended as a free-flow piece with a deliberately minimal amount of planning created simply 2 allow my pent-up garbage I've had 2 deal with 2 let loose & get out of my system.

In other words, I'm doing this project 2 lick my wounds.

Readers beware. If U're already familiar with all my other works & are all 2 familiar with my output as personal Primal Scream, & U think my other Disney-based works have been letting it all hang out enough as it is... well, if it's at all possible, GothX is destined 2 be even more openly candid than all of them. Expect a ton of dialogue.

As is tradition with the original X-Mickey series, which had its first issue numbered 1000 and deliberately counted backward since that issue came out (999, 998, 997, etc.), the first frame within this storyboard will start with the number 1,000,000,000 & each following frame will be counting backward after it: 999,999,999, followed by 999,999,998, followed by 999,999,997, etc.

& away we go...